Cumulocity 7.23 release notes


Cumulocity 7.23 Release Notes

On April 12th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.23, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & Improvements

MTM-11817      Integration to 500 SaaS application


MTM-11787      Relay switch UI has been moved to separate widgets [Device                               Management]

  • The control tab in device details in device management does not show the supported remote control operations anymore.
  • Instead, the restart functionality has been added in the top-right pop-up menu.
  • The relay, relay array and message controls are now available as widgets in the dashboard. As before, they can only be used with devices that support those operations.
  • MTM-11788      “Device control” improvements [Device Management]

    • In “Device Management -> Device control” now the device name is being shown instead of deviceId.    

MTM-11924      Cockpit is now set as the default application after login


MTM-11785     Installation GPS location of devices has been added [Netcomm                           Wireless Agent]

  • GPS position is uploaded during power-ups of the device

Bug fixes

The numbers behind the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

MTM-11419, #8416      Out of range GPS position causes wrong map display                                         [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

  • With release 7.22, maps ignore invalid device coordinates. Additionally, now the map is not wrapped any more. As a consequence, maps without any devices no longer show multiple instances of the world. This applies to all places where maps are shown, i.e. Cockpit home page map, device management map, map plugin.

MTM-11903, #8744      Network tab information of a device can be updated                                           without the appropriate permissions [Device Management                                   App]

MTM-11416, #8415      Orthography of “Device Management” is not correct

MTM-11078, #8169      Wrong hover text in widget “Data Point Graph” [Cockpit                                     App]

MTM-11190, #8257      Special characters in measurement requests result in                                         invalid graph

MTM-11123, #8199      Valid input fields in the “Data Point Graph” widget are                                       marked in red while invalid input fields are not even                                         marked [Cockpit App]

MTM-11385, #8398      Real-time data option in the data explorer deletes the                                       selected time interval

MTM-10668, #7230      No clear indication how much simulators could be created,                                 the message about reaching the limit is not visible

MTM-11123, #8199      Invalid validation in Data Points Graph KPI validation

MTM-11122, #8197      Tracking Button "Find next" deletes track in map

MTM-12090, #8885      Backend not saving password strength on password reset

MTM-10938, #8071      Icons in the “Data Explorer” are no longer overlaid by                                       graph [Cockpit App]

MTM-12135                 Operations cannot be canceled for devices with very long names

MTM-12063                 Device name in exports is counted as a non-standard field

MTM-12090                 Password strength is not saved on password reset



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