Cumulocity 7.25 release notes


Cumulocity 7.25 Release Notes

On May 18th  2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.25, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


Cockpit App: SCADA widget improvements [MTM-12170]

  • New: Users can now bind the placeholder to data points from multiple devices.
  • For more details, see here.

Cockpit app: New widget “Data points table” [MTM-11772]

  • The data points table widget displays data based on selected data points, time interval and aggregation.
  • This widget configuration is identical  to data points graph. Except visualizing the data as a line-chart, data is visualized in a tabular format.

  • Out of range values, based on configured yellow and red ranges, are highlighted in the table.


Tracker Agent: Support for Meitrack tracking devices has been added [MTM-12176]

  • For details click here


Tracker Agent: Battery reporting for Telic device “Picotrack Endurance Primary” improvements [MTM-12156]

  • Battery measurements for Picotrack Endurance Primary trackers have been added.
  • For details see here .


Source time zones of devices are now preserved [MTM-11482, #8565]


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Administration App]                 “Event processing -> add rule with email” confusion has been fixed [MTM-10793 #7961]


[Cockpit App]                           Saving operation config in “On alarm execute operation” smart rule has been fixed [MTM-12336]


[Cockpit App]                           Loading alarm type values when editing smart rules has been fixed [MTM-12267]


[Cockpit App]                           The timestamp in the widget “Alarm list” is not displayed properly [MTM-11561 #1327]


[Cockpit App ]                          Events list widget doesn't filter events by neither selected device nor type [MTM-12134 #8921]


[Cockpit App]                           Alarm count has been fixed  [MTM-12338]


[Cockpit App]                            DP Graph is refactored, minor performance and behaviour fixes for DP Graph widget and data explorer. [MTM-12198]


[Device Management App]        Supported Measurements work very slow [MTM-12172 #8875]


[Device Management App]        “Device detail -> Tracking”  realtime option doesn't use the chosen interval [MTM-10506 #6904; #9333]


[Device Management App]        There is no feedback under “Device Management -> Configuration repository -> Add configuration snapshot" after clicking the “Save” button when “Name” and “Description” are given [MTM-11045 #8138]


[Device Management App]        “Device detail -> Edit dashboard” Priority is saved when the popup is canceled [MTM-11742 #8645]


[Device Management App] Permission menu option is missing under “Device detail” [MTM-11426 #8423]


[Device Management App]        Data Point Widget  mistake when the resolution is under 1000px [MTM-11431 #8425]


[Device Management App]        Hover of breadcrumbs doesn’t show completely on mobile Devices [MTM-11052 #8131]


[Device Management App]        When the user has rights for one device, but there are no measurements, an error message will be displayed now every time when you click on “Info -> measurements” [MTM-10758 #6999]


[Device Management App]        When tracking a device with real time enabled, when the device moves out of viewport the map is not automatically re-centered. [MTM-12192]


[Device Management App]        “Edit/Remove” buttons are not displayed properly with long group name  [MTM-10510 #6923]


[Device Management App]        Device Info under groups is not displayed properly on ipad [MTM-11966 #8797]


[Device Management App]        “Device detail -> Info” Communication interval has no max length [MTM-12050 #8820]


[Device Management App]        Enable measurement polling for a limited time duration on Netcomm devices [MTM-11784 ]


[Cockpit App, Administration App, Device Management App]  Fixed several translations [ MTM-12052]


[Fieldbus App]                          It is not possible to Change Max Temp over GUI when Transmit Rate and Polling Rate are 5sec [MTM-12147 #8862]

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