Cumulocity 7.26 release notes



On May 30th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.26, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Cockpit App]           New: The Geofence-Smart Rule can now be configured to create an alarm upon leaving or entering the geofence (or both). [MTM-12162]

  • The smart rule creates alarm when entering or exiting the geofence. Alarm is cleared when the opposite condition is true gain.


[Device Management App]        WAN/APN settings on Network tab can now be saved via IP or SMS (if messaging provider is configured) [MTM-12269]


[Device Management App]        For Netcomm Wireless devices, complete RDB image for troubleshooting purposes can now be uploaded [MTM-11786]


[Device Management App]        The latest operations are now shown on top [MTM-7023]


[Cockpit App]           Performance and correctness of data point selection has been improved [MTM-12295]

[Device Management App]        Tab loading performance for all devices has been improved [MTM-12354]


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit App]   Alarm count computed properties are not showing the correct value [MTM-12261]

[Cockpit App]   Cockpit search result shows unnecessary unassign button which results into an error if clicked [MTM-12271]

[Administration App]     Default simulator created in new tenant should not be in Running state [MTM-12363]

[Device Management App ]       Owner authorization does not work when adding child and using self [MTM-12375]

[Device Management App, Cockpit App, Administration App]    Missing translations have been added  [MTM-12052]

[Cockpit App]   Alarm and event counters on “Asset Table Widget” have been fixed  [MTM-12261, #9194)]

[Device Management App]        Validate device ids in bulk registration [MTM-11274]

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