Cumulocity 7.27 release notes


Cumulocity 7.27 Release Notes

On June 9th 2016, Cumulocity Private Edition was updated to Release 7.27, bringing the following changes.


[Cockpit App]               Improve property selector in Cockpit to allow custom property paths [MTM-11722]

The custom properties are extracted from the widget's target (for the "SCADA" widget and the "Asset properties" widget) or the target and it's direct children (for the "Asset table" widget) and are appended to the property list if they are not already there.

Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Cockpit App]               SCADA widget does not render values on the first time [MTM-12596]

[Cockpit App]               Search in assign device also displays none device objects [MTM-10633]

[Cockpit App]               Data point table: Heading vanishes [MTM-12584]

[Cockpit App]               A device without name can be created and breaks the cockpit navigator [MTM-12566]

[Cockpit App]               Reporting configuration [MTM-12598]

[Cockpit App]               Differences between alarm widgets not clear [MTM-12599]

[Cockpit App]               Data points graph widget: wrong period setting on adding a new widget            [MTM-12591]

[Cockpit App]               Location widget was removed from the widget list because it duplicated functionality from the map widget [MTM-12602]

[Cockpit App]               Pressing enter on a title of a widget configuration with target device would show all the available devices [MTM-12600]

[Cockpit App]               Data point explorer defaults to no realtime, none, custom when used for the first time[MTM-12575]

[Cockpit App]               Area charts not rendered [MTM-12583]

[Device Management]              Device Shell should depend on push connection instead of send connection [MTM-12072]

[Device Management]              Some agents don't work in latest release [MTM-12297]

[Device Management]              Cloud Fieldbus: You can change transmit and polling to illegal values [MTM-12472]

[Device Management, Administration App,Cockpit App]            Remaining I18n issues [MTM-12296]

[Device Management]              Add new group - search after group displays smart rule name [MTM-12247; RM 2156]

[Device Management]              Internal group search [MTM-12576]

[Device Management]              Device database discrete input [MTM-12232]

[Device Management]              Cockpit Reporting [MTM-12597]

[Device Management]              Filtering devices by "No alarms" gives wrong results (devices with alarms shown too) [MTM-12569]

[Device Management]              Device details - Modbus: clicking "Save changes" buttons save both sections at the same time but each should save only one section [MTM-12579]

[Device Management]   Device details - Alarms, Status undefined and console error [MTM-12573]
[Device Management]   "Add widget" button not vertically centered on medium screens [MTM-12572]

[All apps]                                 Action Menu (cog icon on the top right corner) always as the same sorting of items on each section. They are now defined by priority falling back to alphabetical order.  [MTM-12570]

[Device Management]              Long names brake the screen [MTM-12214]

[Device Management]              Searching address in Location tab - increase zoom level (the same as for geofence address searching) [MTM-12574]

[Device Management]              Remove "Search device" option, make sure "Search all" searches for groups, devices and child devices [MTM-12636]

[Administration]                                    If you don't select an example in event process, you can still click the insert button and get "undefined" inserted [MTM-12618]


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