Cumulocity 7.31 release notes



On August 3rd 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.31, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Administration App]     Default Application selector improvements [COT-129]

  • Tenant admins can now select their default application for the tenant.

Bug fixes

 [Administration App]     An error is shown when deleting files from the files repository with read only permissions [MTM-12802, #9743]

[Cockpit App]              Excel is not able to open the exported files [MTM-12804, #9684]

[Cockpit App]               Aggregation result exceeds maximum document size (16MB) [MTM-12824, #9710]

[Cockpit App]               The “Widget Asset Table” is empty when the only attribute is deactivated [MTM-11364, #8376]

[Cockpit App]               When adding a new group and searching for a device “Alarm” it doesn’t return only devices, but smart rules as well [MTM-12476]

[Device Management App]        When adding a new group the pop-up button has two different namings [MTM-12394, #9359]

[Device Management App, Cockpit App]           Translation errors have been fixed [MTM-12477, MTM-12559, #9405]

[Device Management App]        Opened dropdown overlays surrounding elements in “All Devices” -> [Device] -> “Software” [12503, #9482]

[Device Management App]        Bug when searching devices in “Groups” -> “Assign Devices” has been fixed [MTM-11271, #8304]

Geofence address search displays result with insufficient zoom level  [MTM-12545,# 9452]

 Source name missing in AlarmCreated event is sent to cep server [MTM-12835]

TFA affects device users, but it should not [MTM-12874]

Email text had incorrect format [MTM-12478, #9320]



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  • Avatar
    Łukasz Piasecki


    please also note that:
    As of 7.31 Edition Release, application “platformadmin” is now not available. All functionalities has been moved to “administration” application.

  • Avatar
    Lukas Derjan


    when are you planning to release 7.31 private edition ?

  • Avatar
    André Eickler

    Hi Lukas,

    it is released. If you want to install it, you can get it through support. Just drop us a note!