Cumulocity 7.32 Release Notes


Cumulocity 7.32 Release Notes

On August 16th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.32, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Cockpit App] Data point table improvements [MTM-12848, MTM-12849]

  • Data point table widget rendering has been improved.
  • Data point graph widget rendering has been improved.

[Cockpit App] Map widget performance improvements [MTM-12858]

  • The number of API requests made during initial load of the “Map” widget have been reduced.

[Cockpit App] Layout improvements [MTM-12555, #9512]

  • The Warning dialogs are now in the primary colours.


Bug fixes

[Administration App] Subtenants is now spelled correctly [MTM-12744]

[Administration App] The “Clone” button has been disabled during application cloning [MTM-12906]

[Administration App] Subtenants translation issues have been fixed [MTM-12751, MTM-12783, #9687]

[Administration App] Users are not able to load created or cloned applications due to error [MTM-12743]

[Administration App] Tenant statistics sometimes incorrectly shows “0” for storage size [MTM-12854, #9778]

[Administration App] Validation has been fixed when setting up retention rules [MTM-12372, #9312]

[Cockpit App] Issue when uploading SVG to SCADA widget in Firefox has been fixed [MTM-12929]


[Cockpit App] Issue when uploading image file to image widget in Firefox has been fixed [MTM-12866, #9793, #9904]

[Cockpit App] Location cannot be updated when the map marker is moved [MTM-12702]

[Device Management]    Simulators not working when user is blocked [MTM-12813]

[Device Management] Groups with many devices [MTM-12869]

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