Cumulocity Release Note 7.36


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Device Management] New: Dynamic groups feature has been added [#13043]

  • Dynamic groups are groups that include filter criteria. They can be used for execution of bulk operations.
  • For more info please see here.

[Device Management] 38400 has been added as bits per second

Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Administration]            Tenant creation does not check the validity of the admin user name [#10060]

[Administration]            Password Limit validity cannot be changed via the UI

[Administration]            Phone number is always required when creating a user, instead of only when TFA is enforced/enabled

[Administration] In users menu, the “Deactivate” button is not working

[Administration]            Spelling errors have been fixed [#10119]

[Administration]            Under “Administration -> User groups” an incorrect value of roles is shown [#9300]

[Administration]            An error occurs when a user tries to add a retention rule for an alarm with “Fragment_Type” [#9312]

[Administration]            The different namings at tenant list and tenant details have been fixed [#10052]

[Cockpit]          Dashboard access cannot be removed for certain users [#10079, #10391]

[Cockpit]          When a device is unassigned from a group an error occurs [#9674]

[Cockpit]          The checkbox of a single device cannot be activated when creating a new “Smart Rule” [#9701]

[Cockpit]          The “Smart Rules” default description overlaps with the graphic [#9755]

[Cockpit]          Alarming/Warning dialog is in "red" instead of primary brand color [#9512]

[Cockpit]          When you edit the device dashboard and click on “add group” the DropDown menu overlays with the background [#9672]

[Cockpit]          Widget headers are not translated [#9415]

[Cockpit]          Problems when a device is in two groups have been fixed [#8404]

[Cockpit]          Translation issues when adding a new widget have been fixed [#10114]

[Device Management]         In “Device Management -> Overviews -> Events” the search more button doesn’t work when “Real Time” is enabled [#10065]

[Device Management]         There is no groups list after clicking on “Groups” in the navigator

[Device Management]         On ipad in “Device Info” the arrangement from group area is overlaid [#9702]

[Device Management]         Wording has been changed under “Group details -> Info” and then click on the cogwheel. “Remove Asset” has been changed to “Remove Group” [#9698]

[Device Management]         The availability is not changing to “unavailable” when the interval is changed [#10260]

[Device Management]         After adding a new device or simulator, they are automatically assigned to groups

[Device Management]         Users can now select external applications as default

The login page has a different language than the language selected in the browser settings

Creating children no longer concatenates the parentID, the external ID is instead managed by the client

When a public application is being accessed, the wrong manifest endpoint is called

Tixi agent updates status to “Executing” in the wrong place

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