Cumulocity Release Note 7.38


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

 [Administration] Developers can now develop and deploy smart apps and plugins.

They can:

  • Build applications and/or plugins.
  • Extend existing applications.
  • Build themes.
  • Add translations.
  • For more info about plugin development, see here and for application development, see here.

 [Administration] Password verification improvements

  • When setting the password for users and admin, the tooltip shows the complexity of the password.

[Cockpit]          Retention rule improvements

  • The default retention rule that is created for every new tenant can now be configured from the system property file, it is possible to define the maximum age of the documents.

 [Tracking]        “ReachFar” and “Coban” trackers can be configured remotely via GPRS

 [Tixi Agent]      All log files of Tixi devices are processed and stored as measurements

 MQTT protocol improvements

  • Whenever a non-existing root device sends data, the device will be automatically created.
  • Whenever a non-existing child device sends data, the device will be automatically created as a child device.
  • More complex structures must be created manually.
  • For more info, see here.

Additional Improvements:

  • Measurement queries are now faster. [#10436]
  • Microservice for user self registration has been added. Users can self-register a user account for a specific tenant. This way, they have access to the developed application.
  • All UI’s are upgraded to the latest angular version. (1.5)
  • For Two-Factor-Authentication (TFA): In case of entering a wrong TFA validation code, the old TFA validation code stays valid and can be re-entered a second time.

Documentation improvements

  • MQTT documentation has been added. For more info, see here.
  • Documentation for Meshlium device has been added. For more info, see here.
  • Developing applications concept guide has been updated. The updated guide can be found here.
  • Instead of the support e-mail, the documentation has been updated to use the support website. ( )

 Bug fixes

 [Administration] Two factor authentication bugs have been fixed [#10528]

  • Missing UI setting of TFA token validity has been added.

  • PIN which is sent to the mobile phone if TFA is enabled, is now required after logout and browser restart.

[Administration] The administration page is empty after login with legacy user [#10611]

[Cockpit]          The number of characters is now limited to 254 when creating a new group [#10541]

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