Cumulocity Release Note 7.39


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Device Management] Warning message is now shown when users leave the “Device database” page with unsaved changes [#9649]

[Tixi Agent] Tixi Agent improvements

  • The Large log files are no longer rejected if they are too big.
  • Historical data (files with measurements/logs data from previous weeks) can now be processed.


Additional improvements:

  • Telia Sonera web app adjustments
    • Report interval can be set in units of seconds, minutes, hours. The units are provided with a dropdown menu.
    • The  "Position reporting interval if motion detected" setting is enabled if the motion sensor is enabled.
  • Netcomm NTC-140W model improvements [#10738]
    • In order to support firmware upgrades larger binaries can now be uploaded.
    • Default binary upload size has been increased to 100MB.


Documentation improvements:

  • Configuration snapshot documentation has been added to the Device Management user guide. For more info, see here.
  • Netcomm NTC-140W model support has been added to the documentation. For more info, see here.


Bug fixes


[Administration] Some labels are overlapping with others

[Administration] The overlapping drop-down menu when you select “Scope” under “Group Permissions” has been fixed [#10617, RM 2677]

[Administration, Cockpit] Translation issues have been fixed

  • Error message after a mistake in “Event processing” body text is not translated.
  • Translation issues during subtenant creation have been fixed.
  • There is no translation when you want to remove an application when it is assigned to another.


  • Error message during retention rule creation, when max age is bigger than ten years is now translated. [#10591, RM 2676]
  • The whole UI is now fully localized (translated).
  • Missing translations when you “Add widget” in Cockpit have been added. [#10590, RM 2675]
  • Users list in the Administration app queries each user individually. [#10967]
  • User creation is now possible when you fill only username and password fields.

[Cockpit] Reports are now sorted numerically / alphabetically similarly to the groups [#9705] [RM 2341]

[Cockpit] The overlay of the drop down menu in the “widget asset table” has been fixed.

[Cockpit] The text overflow in the managed object property selector has been fixed

[Cockpit] During report creation, it was possible to set the time range in the field “TO” to an earlier date than the field “FROM”

[Cockpit] Reports filter is not working as intended [#10080, RM 2413]

  • For example, if a report for “last month” is exported, not all logs are shown.

[Cockpit] Geofence smartRule is not working as intended [#10647 RM2682]

  • The geofence area is not changed after the position of a marker is changed.

[Device Management] Measurements tab crashes when there are too many measurements

[Device Management] Devices can now be sorted by registration date [#10467, #10461]

[Device Management] Issues with c8yDateTimePicker directive during device registration have been fixed.

[Device Management] Measurement fragment and series Base64 id in graph is not escaped properly for some UTF-8 characters [#10997]


Additional bug fixes:

  • Instead of immediate results, there is a full page reload when searching for the first time

after clean login.

  • The service user is now invisible. [#10863, RM 2732]
  • The contact phone and name of the admin user is not saved during sign up.
  • Error message is now updated for restricted characters mentioned during password creation/recover. [#10543, RM 2331]
  • Error message is misleading when you are uploading a wrong file format [#10405, RM 2482]
  • JavaScript error is shown when setting date in the date filter during registration.


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