Cumulocity Release Note 7.40


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Device Management] New: SmartREST editor 2.0 has been added

  • Using the SmartREST editor, developers can easily create new SmartREST templates and update existing ones. This applies to SmartREST 2.0 templates for MQTT.

  • SmartREST 2.0 templates can be imported or exported. To export a template, hover over the desired template and click on the cogwheel.

  • Customized messages with your desired API values can be added to the templates

  • Responses can also be added to the templates

  • CSV file with preview for all messages and responses can be exported.

  • Note that, SmartREST editor only supports SmartREST 2.0, SmartREST 1.0 is not supported.

[Device Management]   A real-time feature has been added to log the viewer in the Device Management application [#10864]


REST API improvements:

  • Events can now be modified after creation. PUT method has been added to allow modification of existing events.


Documentation improvements:

  • Logging in with two-factor authentication section has been added to the introduction guide. For more info, see here.
  • Enable SMS mode section has been added to the “Queclink” device guide. For more info, see here.


Bug fixes

 [Administration]            Errors during user creation have been fixed [#10927]

  • Usernames are encoded twice after angular update.

[Administration]            Users list queries each user individually [#10967]

[Administration] Validation issues in IE11 browser have been fixed [#10494]

  • During tenant creation, an error is shown when you enter “Storage limit for device” value.

[Cockpit]          Data is not displayed properly in the graphs, because it may be out of bounds if min/max values are not provided in any of the data points [#10878]


  • Map markers are not shown in the “Tracking” tab if they are loaded without real-time mode [#10904]
  • Real-time visualisation improvements in the “Measurements” tab. The visualisation is more dynamic now, since the graph is constantly moving to the corresponding time point.
  • Update last availability message can miss some updates when the update takes too much time. [#10979]



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