Release Notes 8.15.4 - 8.15.8


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers

Administration improvements:

“Data connectors” are now using HTTPS. [#14587][#15187]

Cockpit improvements:

The “Data point graph” widget now remembers the selected data points. [#15347]

The cogwheel from the preview widget is no longer overlapping with the icons list.

MQTT improvements:

Race condition was removed. [#15708]

Memory use was improved. [#15361]

Additional improvements:

  • Race condition when getting binary data was removed. [#15151]
  • Security improvements for web applications: Limited frame options, content security policy and default cross-origin resource sharing policy.
  • Service providers can now remove the right drawer component. [#14958][RM 5191]
  • Service providers can now specify the documentation location. [#14958][RM 5191]


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