Release Notes 8.19.0 - 8.19.15


New functionalities & improvements

Device Management improvements:

  • LWM2M agent has been improved.
    • Shell command templates have been added.
    • Firmware images can be updated on LWM2M devices.

Documentation improvements:

  • The “Device Management” and “Administration” user guides have been modified with respect to structure, layout and content in order to improve clearness and comprehensiveness.
  • Hyperlinks have been corrected.

Additional improvements:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


  • [Cockpit] Improved smart rule context menu (delete, edit).
  • [Cockpit] The “Data Point Graph” widget shows all selected data points. [#15347]. Previously, a maximum of three data points were shown.
  • [Cockpit] Improved “Data Point Table” widget.
  • [Cockpit] Smart rules can now be deleted in local context. [#15540]
  • [Administration] The “Plugins” tab is only shown for Smart Apps.
  • [Administration] The “Event processing” page has been disabled when there is no subscription to “feature-cep-custom-rules”.
  • [Administration] In the “Users” page, when editing the name of the user that you are logged in with, the name will now be refreshed.
  • [Administration] Data subscriptions can always be cancelled.
  • [Administration] Intentionally malformed CEP requests will no longer return stack traces in the error.
  • [Administration] Creating an application does not fail anymore when one of the tenants is subscribed to an application with the same context path.
  • [Administration] Removed unexpected bottom page scroller.
  • [Administration] In the “TFA settings” page, the “Limit PIN validity” text has been changed to “Limit verification code” validity.
  • [Device Management] Special characters in the “Identity” tab can now be deleted.
  • [Device Management] The “Group” column has been removed from the “Child Devices” tabs.
  • [Device Management] The "Event" page shows correct data fields.
  • [Device Management] An error no longer appears when you create a device and add it to a group from the “Group details” screen.
  • [Device Management] Improved layout of the dropdown menu in the “Device Credentials” tab.
  • [Device Management] Improved device info page.
  • [Device Management] “Simulator” layout has been improved.
  • [Cockpit] The “Rotation widget” can no longer be added to devices which do not support it.
  • Removed an MQTT memory leak. [#15361]
  • Removed race condition when getting binaries. [#15151]
  • Platform stability has been improved. [#15904]
  • MQTT error handling has been improved. [#15708]
  • Self-registration of microservices was improved.
  • Service providers can now allow tenants to create custom CEP rules when they are subscribed to the custom CEP rules feature.
  • Microservice memory leak has been removed.
  • CEP engine improvements. [#15562]
    • Tenants are no longer reported as “Down” when they are fully functional.
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