Web SDK: @c8y/client library beta released for Angular development


As a first step towards refreshing our Web SDK we released the @c8y/client on npm registry as beta. We see npm as the key package manager in the Javascript ecosystem and therefore are proud to now enable simple API access with an easy one-liner install command:

npm install @c8y/client

The client enables the access to our API with node.js or any browser framework (e.g. Angular 2-6) and is therefore isomorphic. That allows developers to use it for frontend- as well as for backend-tasks.

The client is the first module on our roadmap to migrating to Angular 6 from angularjs. It's kind of the first puzzle piece and allows to build frontends without being bound to any Framework. At the same time, the @c8y/client module allows the classic promise-based pull approach as well as using observable to push data to each subscriber, which is one of the main changes in Angular 2+.


More information can be found on npm.

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    Babu Arumugam

    Does this does not support AngularJS 1 ?