Release Notes 9.0.0 - 9.0.11


"[Optional]": You may need a subscription including this functionality to be able to use it.

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New functionalities and improvements


  • [Optional] Subscribing to own microservices is now possible via the UI.
  • Microservice application removal improvements.
  • Microservice deletion is no longer possible when a tenant is subscribed to it.
  • Microservice improvements when uploading multipart requests.
  • Microservices are now undeployed when the tenant they are deployed to is deleted.
  • [Optional] Developers can now deploy microservices as Docker containers to Cumulocity. For details, please see the following documents:
    • “Developing applications” in the Concepts Guide
    • “Managing applications” in the Administration section of the User´s Guide
    • Java Developer’s Guide (various documents)
    • REST Developer’s Guide
    • Reference Guide (various documents)


  • [Optional] Apama packages can be deployed through the application manager in the “Own applications” page.
  • [Optional] Application developers can now access microservice manifests via the application API.
  • Inventory roles now support permissions on audit log. [#16107]
  • Data broker inventory syncing improvements.
  • Downloading reports when TFA is enforced is now possible. [#16063]
  • Error message improvements when trying to subscribe to an application with the same “contextPath”.
  • Configuration settings improvements.
  • Tenant applications list improvements.
  • Improvements for “Audit logs” filtering.
  • Suspended tenants are no longer reactivated when one of their properties is updated. [#16506]
  • Validation improvements for tenant properties in the “Properties library”. [#15588]


  • Data point library query improvements.
  • Listing of devices/assets when editing Smart Rules has been re-enabled. [#15915, #16293]
  • "When alarm is received then email is sent" smart rule improvements

Device Management

  • [Optional] Full remote control of LWM2M devices through the Device Management user interface is now possible.


  • [Optional] CEP rules can now be developed in Apama EPL.
  • Device registration improvements in mongo read-write mode.
  • Dropdown menu improvements for CAN device types. [#16941]
  • Canbus holding register is now capped at 29 bits. [#16713]
  • Adding custom operations with the same name no longer removes from display all custom operations.
  • Devices are now unassigned from smart rules when they are removed from their group. [#16624]


  • Tenant SLA Monitoring documentation has been added to the User’s guide.
  • The description of “Managing Applications” in the “Administration” section of the User’s guide has been updated.
  • Documentation on “Managing custom CEP rules” has been added to the “Administration” section of the User’s guide.

Additional improvements:

  • Exceptions in the CEP server log have a better description.
  • CEP improvements in legacy mode.
  • Password reset improvements. [#17115]
  • Info messages after multiple failed logins have been improved. [#16688]
  • Translation improvements for placeholders. [#16678, #16752]
  • CEP health improvements. [#17221]
  • Subscription to private microservices is now possible even when there is a market application with the same name.
  • Memory limit improvements for the java microservice.
  • Service providers are now able to monitor pods deployed at cluster.
  • [optional] Service providers with older platform versions can now use the Microservice SDK.
  • CEP statement no longer causes error accessing logging config. [#16615]
  • [Optional] Service providers can now enable/disable the microservice hosting feature for each tenant.
  • Realtime improvements for the “Alarm list” widget.
  • Improvements when displaying properties in the “Asset properties” widget. [#16408]
  • Microservice deployment and redeployment improvements.
  • Microservice proxy improvements.
  • Microservices subscribed only to the owner can now be deleted by the owner.
  • Removed race condition when deploying microservices.
  • [Optional] Service providers can now have a per-tenant deployment of Apama.
  • Microservices can now be deleted by the owner if they are subscribed only to him.
  • CEP subscription improvements.
  • Validation improvements for context path of applications and microservices.
  • Improvements when copying a dashboard to a group. [#11019]
  • The alarm list widget is now updated when configuration is changed. [#16059]
  • Corrected comparison of used and granted LoRa Actility connections. [#16551]
  • Improvements when subscribing to a microservice.
  • [Optional] It is now possible to create log files with request/response sizes.
  • [Optional] The tenant SLA is now monitored for each individual tenant.
  • Improved performance when getting the last measurement. [#13585]
  • Visual improvements and adjustments have been made throughout the platform. This includes:
    • Button ordering.
    • Icon changes.
    • Alignments.


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