Release Notes 8.19.17-8.19.22



New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


  • Data broker inventory syncing improvements.
  • User hierarchy display improvements. [#16664]
  • Validation improvements for tenant properties in the “Properties library”. [#15588]
  • Validation improvements during tenant creation.
  • Downloading reports when TFA is enforced is now possible. [#16063]
  • Error message improvements when trying to subscribe to an application with the same “contextPath”.

Device Management

  • Dropdown menu improvements for CAN device types. [#16941]
  • Error messages in the “Device protocols” page now have a better description.
  • Devices are now unassigned from smart rules when they are removed from their group. [#16624]

Additional improvements:

  • Realtime button improvements in the “Data point graph” widget. [#16807]
  • CEP statement no longer causes error accessing logging config. [#16615]
  • Microservice improvements when uploading multipart requests.
  • Microservices are now undeployed when the tenant they are deployed to is deleted.
  • CEP health improvements. [#17221]
  • Info messages after multiple failed logins have been improved. [#16688]
  • TFA improvements. TFA token issues when requesting tenant limit are no longer occurring. [#17177]
  • Memory limit improvements for the java microservices.
  • "When alarm is received then email is sent" smart rule improvements
  • Bulk operation dropdown menu improvements.
  • Layout improvements for external IDs of tenants. [#14122]
  • Issues when updating applications are no longer occurring.
  • Menu bars are now displayed on IE. [#16145, #16712, 16740]
  • Translation improvements. [#16582]
  • Translation improvements for placeholders. [#16678, #16752]
  • Translations for password requirements have been added. [#16577]
  • Service providers with older platform versions can now use the Microservice SDK. [optional]
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