Release Notes 9.1.0: Plugin improvements


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


  • Plugin categories naming and structure improvements.


Device Management

  • Improved filtering of incoming events in the “Tracking” tab.
  • Improved error handling during bulk device registration.
  • Device registration to group improvements. [#15847]
    • Now, the first device is added to the group instead of the first created managed object.
  • Layout improvements in the “Device details” system section. [#13793]

Documentation improvements:

  • The JavaScript reference documentation includes a C8Y.core overview page. [#16450]

Additional improvements:

  • Colorpicker improvements. [#15918,#15958]
  • The OPC/UA agent no longer ignores the decimal configuration.
  • Impact agent improvements for unmapped resource alarms.
  • “Alarm list” widget improvements when the configuration is updated. [#16059]
  • “Asset properties” widget display of numerical values improvements. [#16408]
  • Subtenants are automatically subscribed to branded versions of apps. This feature is available only to EE customers. [optional]
  • External ID lookup is no longer accounted for in request counts.
  • Only changed fields are now updated in CEL instead of the whole merged object. [#16116]
  • Filtering by owner in endpoints is now possible. [#9434]
  • Device endpoint count has been implemented and is now available in the UI, API and Excel exports. [optional]
  • CEP subscription improvements.
  • Microservice deployment and redeployment improvements.
  • Microservice proxy improvements.
  • Removed race condition when deploying microservices.
  • Memory limit improvements for the java microservice.
  • Smart rules “realtime” improvements.
  • Daily aggregation improvements.


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