Release Notes 9.4.0


This release notes document new features, improvements and fixes included in Cumulocity since the previous release.

Conventions used throughout this document

  • "[Optional]": You need a subscription including this functionality to be able to use it
  • "[#12345]": Ticket IDs for customer-requested improvements


What´s new

  • Enterprise Edition: Additional options are now available when enabling SSL certificates.
    • It is now possible to enable manual certificate installation in the system configuration options.
    • If manual certificate installation is enabled, the user can no longer upload or activate a certificate.
    • Enterprise tenant activation without certificate is only possible when the configuration is set to manual.



  • Administration: Data broker inventory synchronization improvements
  • Administration: Layout improvements for tenants with maximum length external IDs.[#14122]
  • Device Management: Display improvements on datapicker in “Tracking” tab on smaller screens. [#16918]
  • Device Management: Device simulator logs improvements. [#16385]

  • Cockpit: Connectivity icon for child devices has been added. [#16383]
  • Cockpit/Device Management: “Load more” button improvements in the “Alarms” page.
  • [Optional] LoRa Actility: Validation improvements to editable fields in LoRa device registration and connectivity.
  • UI: Validation improvements to “required” fields in all forms throughout the platform.
  • Enterprise Edition: Branding layout improvements
  • Enterprise Edition: User hierarchies layout improvements in the UI [#16664]
  • [Optional] LWM2M:  
    • Syncing of devices has been eased by implementing an endpoint that allows the user to sync LWM2M objects/instances/values from a source to a target device.
    • Bootstrap improvements in case of multiple conflicting security infos.
  • [Optional] Cep:  Improved behavior for tenants which have huge resource usage (e.g. lots of measurements).
  • REST/JSON MQTT write speed improvements by writing bulk in one operation instead of each one separately.
  • For Java microservices, the jvm heap size now adjusts according to memory limit.
  • CEP API improvements. [#16143]



  • When entering wrong email on password reset the correct error message will show up. [#17115]
  • Enterprise Edition: Branding preview is now shown when TFA is enabled
  • Enterprise Edition: Deleting and creating tenants with the same ID now shows correct mapping behavior [#15606]
  • [Optional] LWM2M: Multi-instance objects are now processed correctly.
  • MQTT broker connection issues have been fixed.[#16086, #16485]
  • Menu bar display issues for IE browser have been fixed. [#16145, #16712, #16740]


New or modified features are reflected in the related sections of the documentation.


Moreover, the following changes have been made:

  • Design and functionality of  the entire documentation website has been improved towards easier access to information.
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