Release Notes 9.5.0-9.7.1


This release notes document new features, improvements and fixes included in Cumulocity since the previous release.

Conventions used throughout this document

  • "[Optional]": You need a subscription including this functionality to be able to use it
  • "[#12345]": Ticket IDs for customer-requested improvements

What´s new

  • Query by type has been added to application REST API.


  • Administration: Validation improvements when adding a new tenant property in the “Properties library”. [#15588]
  • Administration: Tenant usage statistic improvements.
  • Cockpit: SMS messages in Smart Rules can no longer exceed 160 characters.
  • Cockpit: Availability icon improvements in groups.
  • Device Management: Device “Activate”/”Deactivate” button improvements.
  • Device Management: “Save” button improvements when adding new predefined fields during “Report” edit.
  • Device Management: Alarm additional drop-down menu improvements.
  • Device Management: Devices are unassigned from group specific smart rules when they are removed from the group.
  • MQTT: Failure reason is now optional in MQTT static template 502.
  • LwM2M: Device availability improvements.
  • LwM2M: Race condition improvements during registration.
  • LwM2M: Presence of stale values no longer occurs.
  • “Fieldbus” widget configuration improvements.
  • Dashboard and widget improvements for OPCUA devices. You can now set variables error free.
  • UI no longer provides export to CSV functionality for REST templates.
  • “Create operation” improvements for the OPCUA agent. [#16310]
  • Validation improvements when using the “+49” notation in the SMS agent.
  • Improvements for event retention rules. Events with an attached binary are no longer deleted after the retention rule is triggered. [#17557]
  • Microservice improvements when uploading big multipart requests.
  • Dashboard has been implemented for iOS devices. Only sensors supported by the iOS application can be observed on the dashboard.
  • Improved API optimizations for the actility agent.
  • “Save” button improvements in the branding configuration.


  • Administration: It is possible to cancel uploading of files larger than 100MB while the upload is still in progress.
  • Administration: Updating a deactivated tenant no longer reactivates the tenant. [#16506]
  • Cockpit: Sorting of rows in the “Data point table” widget is no longer messed up when realtime mode is enabled.
  • Cockpit: Color selection in the “Color picker” widget is now possible.
  • Device Management: Adding the same custom operation twice no longer removes all custom supported operations.
  • Device Management: Availability monitor is now refreshed when saving measurements in bulk.
  • LwM2M: Declaring object mappings for multi-instance resources is now possible.
  • LwM2M: The missing error alert when adding the same LwM2M protocol twice, now appears as intended.
  • LwM2M: Agent no longer removes all entries in the “Properties library”.
  • MQTT: After uploading custom CEP rule, alarms and events are no longer shown twice for each measurement.
  • “Canbus” register is now capped at 29 bits.
  • Dashboard widgets are now ordered correctly in mobile view. [#16607]
  • “supportedMeasurements” endpoint is properly working with inventory roles and owner access.
  • Proteus agent no longer fills measurements with “0” values. [#17171]
  • Issues with “Maintenance mode” of devices have been fixed.
  • CEP metric issues have been fixed.
  • “Tenant SLA Monitoring” agent no longer throws an error for non-management service users.
  • SmartREST errors when creating inventory PUT templates no longer occurs.



  • Microservice runtime description has been updated.
  • Microservice development description has been improved. [#17340]
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