Release Notes: 9.0.15 - 9.0.16


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers



  • Tenant statistics improvements in the “Administration” application. [#17551, #17659]
  • Elements are now hidden to users which lack sufficient permissions. [#15529]


  • LoRa device registration is now possible with “Activation by Personalization” (ABP). For further information, refer to Optional services > LoRa actility in the User guide.
  • Provisioning status of Lpwan devices is shown in the “Device data” widget. This is available for the devices which are registered with Sigfox or LoRa device registration.
  • Validation improvements for the “Asset properties” widget. [#16102]
  • VNC remote access improvements. Wording of connect operation has been changed to “opening tunnel for remote access connect to {endpoint}”. [16790]
  • Microservices larger than 50MB can now be uploaded via the UI. The limit is configurable via configuration property.
  • Opening datepicker in the log viewer no longer closes the requested log file dialog. [#16702]
  • “Asset table” widget improvements when adding the same computed property twice. [#17331, #17944]
  • Improvements for smart rules in groups. [#17357]
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