Release Notes 9.8.0-9.8.2


This release notes document new features, improvements and fixes included in Cumulocity since the previous release.

Conventions used throughout this document

  • "[Optional]": You need a subscription including this functionality to be able to use it
  • "[#12345]": Ticket IDs for customer-requested improvements


What´s new

  • [optional] Cumulocity can interface with Sigfox devices through the Sigfox Cloud. You can:
    • Provision Sigfox devices easily using the Cumulocity Device Management.
    • Decode upstream payload packets using a web-based user interface.
    • Debug and postprocess raw device data through Cumulocity events.
    • Send downstream data to the device using Cumulocity operations.
    • Make use of existing Cumulocity features with Sigfox devices, for example: connectivity monitoring, device management, data visualization with dashboards, real-time analytics and more.
    • For more info, see the Sigfox user guide.
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