Release Notes 9.9.0


This release notes document new features, improvements and fixes included in Cumulocity since the previous release.

Conventions used throughout this document

  • "[Optional]": You need a subscription including this functionality to be able to use it
  • "[#12345]": Ticket IDs for customer-requested improvements


  • Cockpit, Device Management: A new button “Clear all” to clear all alarms at once (after confirmation) has been added.
  • UI: In addition to the “user name” used to authenticate a user, an administrator can now also specify  a “login alias” for a user. This allows to change the displayed name (e.g. after a change of name or email address) without changing the ID (user name).  The user can login using the original “user name” or the “login alias”. Users can change the “login alias” in the user settings.
  • OPC-UA agent now registers changing of polling rate and transmit rate at runtime.[#16660]
  • Microservice responsiveness has been improved.
  • Service providers can now specify limits (globally and per tenant) for the number of history versions of microservices.
  • Device or children managedObjects can now be updated via JSON MQTT.
  • [Optional] LWM2M now shows details on operations that have been executed.
  • [Optional] LWM2M validation improvements.
  • [Optional] Sigfox: An event will be created when the provisioning process is done and an alarm will be created in case of any provisioning error. Status may be displayed in the Device data widget.


  • Java client now reconnects correctly when connection is reset by the DSL provider (and IP changes) [#17411]
  • Administration: A subscription check has been added for Enterprise Edition applications. In the Administration application, there will only be shown menu entries for Enterprise Edition applications if a tenant is subscribed to the related applications. [#18129]
  • Administration: In the Home screen of the Administration application, there is only shown information for which the tenant has the required permissions (e.g. usage statistics, devices).  [#15529]
  • Administration: In the Home screen of the Administration application, storage-related data (size and usage) is now shown properly. [#17551, #17659]
  • Null entries in external IDs for devices are now prevented. [#18000]
  • [Optional] Apama: When uploading a mon file with errors the errors returned by Apama CEP are now displayed in the UI.
  • Data point and properties library entries are now visible to all authenticated users in the tenant. [#16716]


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