Documentation Improvements, covering also Microservices

As we constantly improve our product documentation towards user-friendliness we are currently performing several changes regarding the developer documentation. 
As a first step we have restructured the developer documentation. Instead of various developer guides you will now guides that address two developer use cases:  
  • Microservice SDK guide - containing all descriptions related to developing and deploying microservices
  • Device SDK guide - containing all descriptions related to device integration
See for the new structure.
Especially the microservice documentation has been improved to provide an end-to-end description that should make it more easy for developers to start creating their own microservice. 
As a result of these two new guides the following guides have been removed:
  • MQTT developer guide/ C++ developer guide - have completely been moved to the Device SDK guide
  • C# developer guide - has completely been moved to the Microservice SDK guide
The content of the Java developer guide and the REST developer guide have also been included into the two new guides. The top level links still exists, but will be removed in the near future.
Stay tuned for additional improvements in the coming weeks.
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