Zapier Integration is discontinued


Integrating the Cumulocity IoT platform into other IT Systems is important for many customers.

Besides doing the integration using the documented REST API, Cumulocity offered integration by using the Zapier service.

Since 2018, webMethods Integration Cloud can be used, too, with built-in Cumulocity integration.

With the recent launch of a common SAG Cloud platform, we improved the integration by providing e.g. single-sign login between webMethods Integration Cloud and Cumulocity IoT, which is now available in the US region.

With the recent acquisition of, even more features for cloud-based integrations will be available.

Therefore support for the Cumulocity Zapier integration will be discontinued. No new subscriptions are possible with immediate effect.

Functionality for existing customers is not affected.

More information on the webMethods Integration Cloud is available here (

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