Deprecation of legacy permission model

More than two years ago, Cumulocity 7.47 introduced a powerful permission model including user hierarchies and inventory roles. Starting with Cumulocity 9.25, legacy permissions used prior to Cumulocity 7.47 will not be shown by default anymore in the Cumulocity applications. If you are still using legacy permissions and would like to migrate to the current permission model, please use “?deprecated=true” in the URL of a Cumulocity application to show the legacy permissions user interface (e.g., "”). You can migrate to the current permission model by creating an inventory role with the permissions of the devices, then putting the devices into a group and assigning the inventory role to the group for the relevant users. For more information, please refer to The legacy permissions user interface will be removed with Cumulocity 10.4.12. 
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